Enjoy exploring your local area

If you’re at a loose end this weekend and feel like getting out of the house, why not explore the nearby greenery of the Yarraville Gardens Precinct?

Only a few minutes’ walk from Yarraville Place, the beautiful Yarraville Gardens has something for all the family to enjoy. There is a playground with swings and slides, as well as a nearby sports oval, perfect for the kids to get their energy out while you relax on the nearby picnic benches.

With a wide range of natural flora and fauna alongside meandering walking trails, there’s plenty to see just by wandering through the space. There’s also plenty of quiet places to sit and enjoy the atmosphere if you’re in the mood for a little disconnect from the buzz of daily life.

Exploring the local area is a great way to find some local hidden treasures, connect with nature and boost your physical and mental health while you’re at it!

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