Self-care tips and tricks!

As Melbourne says goodbye to winter, now is the perfect time to implement some new self-care activities into your daily routine to leave you feeling energised and enthusiastic about upcoming sunnier months!

Meditation: with an abundance of free or subscription-based online meditations available, taking 10-minutes for yourself at the start or end of your day is as easy as downloading an app. With a bit of practice, meditation is a great way to disconnect and find a sense of inner peace, leaving you feeling positive and calm afterwards.

Walking: getting out in the fresh air is certain mood-booster, no matter if it’s for 10-minutes or an hour. Walking is great for your circulation, decreasing stress and strengthening joints and muscles. Taking a stroll each day is enjoyable, especially if you use this time to listen to a podcast or call a friend. It will also leave you feeling positive for the rest of the day and improve your quality of sleep at night!

Journaling: keeping a wellness journal is a helpful way to write down your thoughts and feelings from the day, creating a time for yourself where you can disconnect from technology and think about what you are grateful for, your goals, and moments of joy worth remembering. We guarantee you’ll find yourself feeling positive and motivated after spending time journaling- and with a great range of beautiful journals available online, you’ll find yourself looking forward to it each day!